Event Producers & Groups

What events may be listed on Ithacaevents.com?

  • Events must be held in Tompkins County, NY
  • People must be able to physically attend the event (no online events)
  • The event must be an arts or cultural event/festival/workshop (self-help, spiritual, or dance/fitness classes are not eligible)
  • The event's primary focus must be entertainment for or education of the public
  • Performances with religious themes are permitted; religious instruction is not.
  • Events for school or organizational recruiting are not permitted.
  • General markets/sales events, fund raising dinners, etc. are not eligible unless performance or entertainment is a primary component

Who can post to Ithacaevents.com?

If you are an event producer, run a venue, or are the artist yourself (or an agent of the artist) you may post an event to ithacaevents.com

How do I register to list events?

From the homepage, scroll over the word producer in the top right corner and select Register.  Once you have submitted the registration, you will receive notice from the site within 78 hours regarding your registration.

I have a producer log in on the old site, does it work on the new site?

During the migration of events, we were required to move producers with active events to the new site, so some producers were migrated.  If you did not have any active events, you will need to re-register.

If you have active events on the new site, your producer name should not have changed, and you can email for your password from the login page.  If you have additional questions, please contact Jennifer Brown at jen@artspartner.org or 607.273.5072 ext. 10.

How can I add my events to IthacaEvents.com?

Please download the following PDF for complete instructions on how to enter an event on Ithacaevents.com Click here for the pdf.


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  • New Producers: register now to start adding your events to the website.
  • Existing Producers: log-in to manage your events.

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