Finding Events

How do you find events that you want to go to?

With the new, searching for events is much easier, and events can also come to you through an rss feed. Search by date, by event category, by event producer.

Search by date:  To search by date there are a few options.

1.       On the home page, upcoming events for 3 days (current date and the next two days) are listed.  Below the current day, you’ll see two tabs, one reading 7 days and one reading 30 days.  Click on either of these to get a list for the current week, or month, respectively.

Nest days      



2. To search in a date range or to search a particular day beyond 30 days, click on “Advanced search” located just below the search bar. search block


Enter the date(s) in the fields provided and click search.


Search by event Category:

1.       From the home page: Click Category next to the word Browse to expand the options, and then click on the Category you’d like to search. 

browse category




To select more than one Category, click on advanced search and follow instructions below.

2.     Click advanced search

search block



1.       Click the plus symbol plus  next the word Category and select the Categories you'd like to search. Click the search button. search

Search by Venue

1.       From the home page: Click Venue next to the word Browse to expand the options

2. Click the name of the Venue you'd like to search.  Once the venue page loads, scroll down for upcoming events.

To Search Multiple Venues

1. To select more than one Venue, click on advanced search

2. Click the plus symbol next the word Venue and select the Venues you'd like to search.

3. From the expanded view (see below), click the boxes next to the Venues you'd like to search and then click the search button at the bottom right.

Search by Producer

1.  Click advanced search

2. Click the plus symbol  next the word Producer and select the Producer(s) you'd like to search.

3. Click the search button.



Let Events Come to You with the RSS Feed

What is an RSS feed? Click here to learn more.

Each Category, Venue and Producer has its own RSS feed or you can create your own custom feed to include a combination of the Categories, Venues or Producers that interest you and let the events come to you!!

1.       From the home page, you may select any single category or venue by clicking on its name.  From the category or venue page you'll see an option at the top of the page to create an rss feed from the category or venue. 

2.       Click RSS feed for  Venue/Category at the top OR

3.       In the URL field at the top of your browser (IE, Safari, Firefox) you'll notice the RSS symbol.  Clicking on that will bring you to the subscription page. 

4.       On the subscription page, click subscribe now.

OR Create your very own custom feed of events you are interested in:

1.       On the homepage, scroll down and on the bottom right, click Create a Custom RSS feed.

2.       In the top field, create a name, such as Local Events, for the information you'll be receiving.

3.       Select keywords you may be interested in, or you may leave this blank.

4.       By clicking on the + symbol, you can expand the Categories, Venues and Producers options and click the boxes for each of these you are interested in.

5.       Click Create.

6.       In the URL field of your browser (At the top) you'll see the RSS symbol. Click on it to be re-directed to the subscription page.

7.       Select Subscribe now.

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